SS21: Sun Collection

SS21: Sun Collection

As written in my biography, i was born in Lebanon but raised in Europe.

I came back when I got married and I leave in Beirut since then

I can't deny that the last months were very challenging, I am sure you all know about it

Despite this negative, devastating energy, I decided to keep on working and creating specially to support my creative team, my studio in these difficult times

It was not very easy because of the confinements, sanitary rules and the lack of materials but we made it!

SS21 is all about color, gold, feminity, beauty and LIFE!

With the SUN collection, I wanted to add color and positive energy to a quite bloomy and sad months and I hope that you will enjoy wearing them as much as I did creating them

You can play around a large diversity of bracelets, add long and sexy earrings and hoops to your outfits and bejeweled your colorful summer dresses with XXL necklaces...

Let's hope for better days, light, colorful and full of music...

As the Sun rises every day, we will rise and shine again

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