I was born in Lebanon, an oriental environment where women celebrate their femininity, beauty and elegance with Jewelry.

Very soon, I will grow a deep interest for the Lebanese craftsmen’s knowhow and meticulous work and decided to open my own studio in the heart of Beirut.

In 2022, I decided to launch my Fine Jewelry Line. My first collection is called Totem

Created with prime materials ethically sourced, every piece is a celebration of the Lebanese craftsmen’s talent, creativity and meticulous work.

The Totem collection is very sculptural and feminine, versatile and modular.

Each Totem is made of 6 pieces that are stacked together and come on a gold chain.

Made from 18KT yellow gold, natural wood and white diamonds, the totems quickly become life-long jewels and collectible works.

The collection is divided in 3 themes: Earth (wood base), Air (Gold Base) and Water (Mother of Pearl Base)